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Fun Home

I went to see “Fun Home” with friends the other night and while it was VERY well acted, it was also VERY emotionally difficult to watch.  It deals with some very heavy subjects; alcoholism, coming out, semi-pedophilia/sexual abuse of minors, suicide, and spousal abuse.

I really enjoyed the subtle insights into growing up with a multi-child family, growing up with a distant adult presence, and the novel and nuanced approach it had to storytelling from past and present at the same time.  It’s a single-act, no-intermission show, so make sure you are ready for a good, long sit before you take your seat. 🙂

The Circle in the Square Theatre is also a GREAT venue with really comfortable seats and is very MTA-accessible.  Natsumi, a Japanese restaurant across the street, also did a pretty good job of feeding us, as well.